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i doser  list , i doser  finayl , i doser , i  doser  sex , i doser  tripThe Internet quietly growing i-dose effects of current drugs used for centuries in the brain is doing binaural audio files. All you need is internet and a stereo headphone thing is
Prussian scientist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839, when effects of different binaural sound frequencies to be created in the brain dinletilmesiyle discovered that a specific order. Right and left ear in these experiments does not exceed 1000 to 1500 Hz frequency range of sound given in different shades. Interesting when combining these two reactions was making the brain to detect the tone.In 1973, 134 years later, Gerald Oster Dove'dan also conducted some studies on this issue. His studies of Parkinson's disease of animals and people in the same way that a three-dimensional binaural perception appeared to be affected not enter.Then the studies conducted to synchronize brain waves came up with this technique. Music that uses sound frequencies to different people's relief, was to concentrate or to pass into deep sleep. Prepared for the expectations are even some private albums, software market was even
For the treatment of some use, to balance certain hormones in the body size of the work was sound frequencies. Psychological treatment of anxiety disorders in an uncontrolled experiment in the case on record gave positive results in a 60-day therapy. Sleep therapy, and often still are found in areas of use in children, such as accelerating learning.Rhythm and sound samples used for this purpose can easily be reached on the Internet
Widespread and effectivePanel of the U.S. from Oklahoma Narcotic use in a field other than a frightening uyarıysa binaural technique revealed that rhythm. Allegedly, when listening to audio files on the Internet, some specially prepared for the effect of drugs in the brain was doing! Due to the digital form, easily accessible for everyone, the audience sound files that do not cost nothing to produce and replicate the psychological effects of drug equivalent to their work.Although the Panel does not do any dependency narcotic drugs of this type of orientation the actual young people are concerned about the easy and common methods.Difficult to establish a connection between an MP3 file, even if the drug to take a pill video-sharing sites In some of these sounds can not be underestimated effect size indicates that there are records of her audience.'I-dose' of this movement, called one of the most popular files is called the Gates of Hades (Hades, the god of underworld in Greek mythology dominating the name of the dead). This construction can be accessed free of charge on youtube already rested by 450 thousand people (http://getir.net/2zg). Records on the same page showing the contents of this file is also included etkilenmelerini listeners.Content can be accessed for free binaural 'more effective' pay specific sites claiming to be sold as audio files. Pages on this type of cannabis, cocaine, heroin, opium, and peyote, which claims to offer the effect of the files waiting for buyers in return for money.I-Dose is a digital audio file, as the most frightening because of current production, distribution, ease of sharing and everywhere, using every device 'used' to be. All you need is a music player and headphones.This is seriously the influence of drugs makes the audio and video files in cyberspace, some experts in the near future many more heads of states ağrıtacağını argues that the traditional drugs.

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