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 I-Doser affect brain waves and, for example, when the dose of alcohol, it really makes you feel like you have been drinking, or when a dose of sleep, which resolves issues, providing a comfortable sleep. There are a lot like the effect of this dose. Depends on the strength of the dose.

Does It Really Works?
Yes. I really works!Binaural brain waves to impact the desired outcome is something that can be scientifically proven.
How Effective?
Effect of dose varies according to the power.Dozlerın forces, Moderate (Medium) Strong (Strong) Very Strong (Very Strong) VERY STRONG (VERY Strong) Very Very Strong (very, very strong), the breaking up.Doses may be effective in the first use. But the third time you use ik **** or get used to the brain and becomes more effective.
Is there any harm?
Of course not! No dose, no adverse effects in any way.Of course, does not addictive doses **********.

How should I use?
Mp3 when you take your mp3 player. Connect your headphones. Connect your eyes with a cloth (the environment is dark enough to not need it) and concentrate on playing sound. Dose not cover before.

I think I have explained above, the i-Doser enough.The following doses were uploaded to the internet for you to find (because they are generally paid) and I can share with the description, I will.
Note: inconvenient to use in epilepsy patients.
Note2: The following links will give to try it. Delete within 24 hours of downloading the.

Gate of HadesThe most spectacular doses, fear, death, and never a sense of excitement can not live bi.http://hotfile.com/dl/63026237/e0132...Hades.mp3.html
Hands of GodOriginal price $ 200. Refer to youtube in order to understand how great a dose.http://hotfile.com/dl/63027962/6539e...f_god.mp3.html
ResetConsecutive doses of listening is useless. Listen to it between the two doses.http://hotfile.com/dl/63168011/b6649...reset.mp3.html

LSD (hallucinogen):Powerful open-eye hallucinations.http://hotfile.com/dl/63140266/1e349...-_LSD.mp3.html
Lucid DreamDream, spectacular dose that lets you control your dreams. Sleep paralysis (nightmare) problem, far be it from residents.http://hotfile.com/dl/63142016/986e6...Dream.mp3.html

OptiumBi sub-version of heroin. Listen to it before heroinhttp://hotfile.com/dl/63144808/922c7...Opium.mp3.html
OOBYaşatıcı-of-body experience.http://hotfile.com/dl/63148447/3ce93..._Body.mp3.html
PeyoteThe heavy dose of **********. Beginners should not try.http://hotfile.com/dl/63150229/105fa...eyote.mp3.html
Quick happyHappy Killer dose. 5dk'lıkhttp://hotfile.com/dl/63150558/a86ee...happy.mp3.html
Sleeping angelpromote sleep, sleep problems, verbatim.http://hotfile.com/dl/63152947/ff45a...Angel.mp3.html
Speedcreative happiness, energy enhancer, kaçırıcı sleep.http://hotfile.com/dl/63171838/037c1...Speed.mp3.html
tranquil"Spirit of endearment." Doses, the most interesting. I need to try to understand how it is.http://hotfile.com/dl/63154078/642e7...nquil.mp3.html
White Crosses:This dose, the dose, even those who can not explain. You should try it.http://hotfile.com/dl/63156015/112a6...osses.mp3.html
GenesisPurifying the soulhttp://hotfile.com/dl/63158703/0f430...nesis.mp3.html
InsomniacToo much sleep, generating stronghttp://hotfile.com/dl/63280576/3e7af...ong). mp3.htmll
Nitrous10dk.lık fast **********. Strong euphoria.http://hotfile.com/dl/62991944/3905e...trous.mp3.html
TripEyes open, and even the strongest hallucinogen, life-changer.http://hotfile.com/dl/62994922/2f40e..._trip.mp3.html
Brain +Increase creativity and intelligence, rapid dose 10dk'lıkhttp://hotfile.com/dl/63002068/ce3f6...ainQH.mp3.html
AnesthesiaConvey a strong painhttp://hotfile.com/dl/62997789/d020b...hesia.mp3.html
F Roasthappy surg. penetrating fashion. 5 minutes.http://hotfile.com/dl/63025325/191cf...Roast.mp3.html
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  1. Very good... I used this Doser, and learned a lot on this site: http://twixar.me/44P I RECOMMEND

  2. Very good... I used this Doser, and learned a lot on this site: http://twixar.me/44P I RECOMMEND