Putin's "private army" drying up


Putin özel ordu kuruyor

Putin's "private army" drying up

Putin himself bound, he ordered the establishment of National Guard troops. troops of the Russian Interior Ministry to form special police forces combined with the national guard

The alleged $ 2 billion fortune in Panama Documents Russian President Vladimir Putin, he pressed the button connected to the establishment of National Guard troops.

According to NTV, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokolzev'l has made a statement after the meeting yesterday. In a statement, Putin, to combat terrorism and organized crime, ordered the establishment of the shaft guard Kolokolzev the Interior Minister said.

Putin directly connected to the national guard, the troops will be formed from the merging of the Ministry of Interior special police The Impact.

The commander of the National Guard contingents Putin Russian President will be Viktor Solotov. Solotov holds the commander of the soldiers currently connected to the Interior Ministry.

The Kremlin opposition sources said that Putin established National Guard troops to reinforce the power before the parliamentary elections in the fall. The Union was also allegedly to be used to suppress possible actions against Putin.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin's Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied the allegations about the new military organization. Peskov confirmed that the National Guard troops deployed in the unauthorized demonstration. 
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