Documents from Panama Cameron confession


Cameron’dan Panama Belgeleri ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Documents from Panama Cameron confession

 England Prime Minister David Cameron, Panama-based law firm Mossacce Fonseca belongs to the leaked documents said the father of the off-shore companies agreed that the shares himself.

Cameron, in an interview with the British ITV channel Robert Peston, that he also shares in this company, but said he sold 31,500 pounds before becoming Prime Minister in 2010.

British Prime Minister, opposition due to the passage of off-shore funds in the name of the company operating the leaked documents in order to be exempted from taxes and Cameron's father Ian remained under pressure from the British press.

In the interview, the Prime Minister voicing very difficult for him the last few days, they and his wife Samantha were holding these shares in their hands until 2010 from 1997, but they sold before the prime minister and said he paid income tax of those shares.

 Cameron "had an income of less than that on capital gains. I pay Hence capital gains tax. This is already so I'm clear about a current rules. Prior to tax in the UK now and I want to be clear about the future. I have nothing to hide," he he said.

Prime Minister Cameron said that his father established before said that there is no relationship at stake and the company in question, in the first statement made by the Prime Minister in this matter "private matter" that had been expressed

However, the opposition Labor Party leader Jeremy Coryban, concerning allegations of Cameron had demanded an investigation into the Ministry of Finance.
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